About Me

I'm a doodler.

My route to being an illustrator has been a fun one.

As a child I was always doodling, as a teenager I was a doodler, as a young adult I doodled then I went to college, university, got a degree in illustration then it stopped.

I got a job, worked in retail for what feels like a long, long time then I started to doodle again. just little bits here and there then someone asked me to draw a birthday card. 

I did it. Then another request. and another and another.

I had the doodle fire back but didn't know how to go about making it a thing I could support my awesome little family with. So I stayed working in retail, drawing on anything I could while smiling, serving and surviving. Then bit by bit as I took on more of the child based activities and less of the retail work I decided to give it a go. 

It was a crazy few years of hustling, scraping, crying and creating but it's worked. 

I love my job. My dream job. 

So thank you for any support you've given me and my little business, be it looking at this website and reading what you just read, liking one of my instagram posts, telling someone about me or buying one of my doodles. 


Jon - Dixon Does Doodles